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Applied Theatre:

My theatre career started in the field of Applied Theatre. After college, I immersed myself in Theatre for Social Change, training in Theatre of the Oppressed, Psychodrama, and Playback Theatre. In Costa Rica, I co-funded the Applied Theatre Program at the Universidad Nacional and conducted several applied theatre processes including as a 3-year process to help rebuild communities affected by a massive earthquake in 2009, a devised theatre process with women in prison focusing on self-care and inner peace, and a mental health theatre process with patients and personnel of a psychiatric hospital.


While at the University of Kansas, I joined the Interactive Theatre Troupe, where I trained undergraduate students in Theatre of the Oppressed techniques, wrote theatre for social change scripts, and directed interactive performances on campus. In the summer of 2017, I developed an applied theatre process in El Paso, Tx. with Latinx senior citizens. The project, called Salidas y Entradas, was spearheaded by multimedia artists Erin Johnson and Jessica Hankey.

Currently, I am collaborating with the Pan Valley Institute (AFSC) in a fellowship program called ARTEVISM meant to support 4 young Latina activists in the California Central Valley with applied theatre training and popular educations techniques to promote civic engagement in their communities. 

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