Applied Theatre Program.
Universidad Nacional.
Heredia, Costa Rica

During my tenure at Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica (2008-2013) I help co-fund and actively served the Applied Theatre Program. The program's mission is to facilitate applied theatre processes in rural and urban communities considered vulnerable in socio-economic, general health and psychological terms. The program also develops partnerships with social welfare institutions offering workshops and other services. The program also offers regular theatre workshops to the general public on its campus-based office at the Theatre Department.



Also during my tenure at UNA (2008-2013) I directed the project Capacitación Teatral en el Area Rural (Theatre Training in Rural Communities). The project worked to consolidate independent theatre troupes in rural communities of the country with little access to cultural entertainment and arts education. The project was opened from 2004-2012. I directed it from 2008-2012. During this time, we work on the rural communities surrounding Cinchona, an area affected by an earthquake in January 2009. The project offered theatre workshops to the children and the elderly community of the area, using theatre as a tool to tell stories about their identities and the history of their communities. The project contributed to the mourning process of the human and physical losses experienced by the community and also contributed to the construction of a new sense of community in the aftermath of the earthquake.

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