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Devised Theatre:  

Latin America's theatre tradition is grounded in collective creation (devised theatre) and my college education in Costa Rica exposed me to multiple devising techniques and experiences. I combine my professional theatre training with my applied theatre knowledge to create devised work driven by social change and social justice themes.

Examples of my devised work include Las Peor, an adaptation of the Costa Rican novel Los Peor, by Fernando Contreras, done with a group of women inmates (2013); Balthazar's Marvelous Afternoon, an adaptation of Gabriel Garcia-Marquez short story of the same name, performed by an all-female cast (2018), This is Our Voice, This is Our Culture, a collage piece inspired by Latinx scripts, performed by Fresno State students, and Warrior of the Sun, a play exploration based on the life of the artist and activist Agustin Lira, one of the main voices of the Chicano Movements. 

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