El Buen Pastor Prison
San José, Costa Rica

As Guest Artist for the independent theatre/dance troupe Signos Teatro Danza, I was part of a 3-year theatre for social change process with women prisoners of the Buen Pastor prison located in San José, Costa Rica. The process developed 3-devised theatre pieces based on inmate's personal lives and experiences: Un dia menos (2009); Las Peor (2012) and Flores para todas (2013). The project's objective was to develop self-love, teamwork and peacebuilding strategies to prepare inmates for life after prison.


Las Peor is a devised piece based on the novel Los Peor by Costa Rican writer Fernando Contreras. 



Project Coordinator and Artistic Director: Ofir León



Assistant Director and Choreographer: Valentina Marenco



Assistant Director and Acting Coach: Gina Sandí-Díaz



Psychological supervision and assistance: Constanza Rangel


Las Peor. Photo credit: La Nacion

Photograph property of Signos Teatro Danza.

All Rights reserved.


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